Matt Krueger

Founder and President

Matt Krueger is the founder of Krueger & Associates, Tax & Business Advisory, Inc. For over 12 years and now with over 1,200 clients, Krueger & Associates LTD has provided a variety of Tax and other services. Based out of Hampshire, IL they serve the entire northwest Chicago Land area. With almost 10 professionals on staff during the busy seasons, they can service any Tax, Retirement Income Solutions, or Estate Planning needs you may have.

Some of our professionals have been with us since the inception of our company, and possess a wide variety of backgrounds to meet your needs. We hold insurance licenses as well as having qualified QuickBooks teachers on staff. One area of expertise is servicing high net worth individuals with complex estate and family issues. At Krueger, we service small to mid-sized business as well as individuals and non-profits. We also hold the treasurer positions for multiple municipalities. Matt has placed a number of ads on radio and contributed to a number of articles.

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Our founder is a serial entrepreneur and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and local television and radio for a product line sold to Target. He has also been a speaker and coach for entrepreneurial programs within the local high schools.

A father of 5, Matt and his wife Marina (high school sweethearts) recently adopted a 15 year old girl from Ukraine to add to their family. Matt & Marina reside in Genoa, IL where Marina is an active stay at home mother in the off-season and returns to Krueger & Associates LTD during the busy season. Matt enjoys coaching his kids in the off season and Matt & Marina are very active in their church and are the middle school youth leaders there.