Services Offered

Retirement Income Solutions

Our insurance, and retirement income solutions allow you to plan and provide for your future income needs.

Allow our network of professionals to assist you with a number of services not limited to:

  • Retirement Income planning of investments & insurance
  • Social Security and Long-Term Care Solutions
  • Individual & Business Insurances and bonding
  • REITs/401k/403b/Keogh/SEP/IRA/Tax Planning
  • Estate/Gift/Trust Planning solutions
  • High net worth solutions CRT/GRAT/FLP

Careful planning is required in order to fill the income gap from when you stop receiving paychecks to when you start tapping into your retirement income savings accounts and social security. In the end, people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan and the moment when you realize you need a retirement income plan shouldn’t be after you’re retired.

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Tax Services

Our tax services range from compliance to consulting on a variety of Federal and State tax disciplines.  Our efforts in keeping current with the tax code and recent legislation allow us to stay on top of the laws affecting your situation.  Proper management and planning is important to ensure you are taking advantage of all the deductions and credits while maintaining compliance with the laws. We provide the following tax analysis, planning, preparation, consulting, and compliance services:

  • Wages/Compensation Tax
  • Individual Income Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • S-Corporation Income Tax
  • Sole Proprietor Income Tax
  • Partnership/LLC Income Tax
  • IRS/IDOR Correspondence Tax
  • Payroll/Unemployment Tax
  • Benefits/Retirement Income Tax
  • Unclaimed/Property tax
  • Non-Profit Exempt Tax
  • Trust/Fiduciary Tax
  • Gift/Estate Tax
  • Motor/Fuel Tax
  • Sales/Use Tax
  • Amended Tax

QuickBooks Accounting

Our accounting services allow you to maximize the power of QuickBooks to meet your needs.  Proper setup and maintenance of QuickBooks is paramount to ensuring accurate statements.  Our experts teach collegiate courses on QuickBooks and offer setup, record-keeping, and training for all of your QuickBooks needs.  We provide the following Accounting and QuickBooks services:

  • QuickBooks client account setup
  • QuickBooks bookkeeping and data entry
  • QuickBooks review and maintenance
  • QuickBooks Statement Compilation

QuickBooks Analysis, Training, and Consulting

Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory Services set us and you apart from the competition.  Being entrepreneur’s ourselves we understand your needs and that they may be deeper than just traditional compliance services.  As the owner of a start-up, small, and mid-sized businesses you may ultimately be in charge of a variety of disciplines and tasks necessary to create and maintain a successful business.  Understanding solutions to those needs and prioritizing them in terms of cash flow and time resources is essential to reaching your business goals.  We provide the following business advisory services:

  • Attorney Referral/Legal Solutions
  • Marketing/Media/PR Solutions
  • Internet/Website/Technology Solutions
  • Insurance/Retirement Income Solutions
  • Real Estate Broker/Dealer/Agent Solutions
  • Administrative/Office/Best Practice Solutions
  • Human Resources/Compensation/Benefits Solutions
  • Banking/Financing/Merchant CC Processing Referral Solutions
  • Inventory/Domestic/Foreign Sourcing Solutions
  • Industry /Coaching/Entity Specific Business Solutions

Entrepreneurial Analysis, Planning, and Consulting

Payroll Services

Our Payroll Processing Services help you ensure accurate distribution of payroll in compliance with tax laws.  Proper setup and distribution of your payroll function is important for your business to ensure correct payment to your people and maintaining compliance in reporting and depositing taxes to the governmental authorities.  We provide the following payroll services:

  • Payroll client account setup
  • Payroll Information data entry
  • Payroll review and maintenance
  • Payroll employee check processing
  • Paystub Calculation
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Forms
  • EFTPS and IL TaxNet

Payroll Analysis, Training, and Consulting

Legal Entity Assistance

Starting on your own? We can help you with registration and analysis for your Incorporation, single member and series LLC’s, Entity Choice, EIN, S-Corporation Election, Registrations, Core Documents, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Advanced Structures.